The ʻĪ Cultural experience seeks to provide the highest quality of cultural workshops by the best instructors through out the world, huakaʻi or profound journeys, awakenings, teachings in our healing arts, meeting those who have finely mastered a variety of our cultural practices and others in search of vintage and/or modern Hawaiʻi. ʻĪ in Hawaiian means supreme, best, the highest or most valued. Its easy to pronounce and part of a word we use daily when we share where we are from; “Hā, wai, ʻĪ, also known as Hawaiʻi”. We share aloha and leave you with a yearning to experience Hawaiʻi and our culture. We leave our followers with a warm farewell and find them wanting to return to our beautiful islands. Understanding and appreciation ensues along with the aloha we share and reciprocate. In this regard, the enormity of opportunities for the outside world to understand and connect with Hawaiʻi can exist.

Join us and be a part of the ʻĪ Cultural Experience, brought to you by

The ʻĪ Cultural Experience provides several keystone events:

ʻĪ Cultural Workshops

• Hula
It is the most celebrated art form of Hawaii shared across the world, hula is an expression
of ones inner most feelings. It expresses all that we hear, see, smell, taste, touch and feel. Hula is life. Participants would learn basic foot movement and simple dance techniques to tell Hawaiian stories. (private/group lessons) $TBD

• Lomilomi
Hawaiian Health shares a holistic point of view. One that encompasses all of our senses and compartments that make up our existence. Emotional, mental, physical, psychological health. Participants will learn how ward off illnesses in all areas and also to share Lomilomi with their family and friends through some techniques and intuition. $150

• Ukulele
One of the most recognized and popular instruments of the Hawaiian island is known as the ʻukulele. Participants will learn basic chords, strumming, tuning, famous songs of old and new Hawaiʻi and from a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winner. $60

• Lauhala
Using one of our native plants, participants will create a basic bracelet, fan, or hat by weaving the leaves of the hala tree together for a beautiful piece of Hawaiian art. This would be just the beginning of usable art if the apocalypse took place and we could no longer rely on electricity. $75

• Lei making
Flower garlands are synonymous to Hawaii. Making, giving and wearing a flower lei embraces Hawaiian hospitality. There is yet great meaning behind a lei. From picking the flowers, to the weaving of flowers together, to gifting someone with a lei properly, and receiving a lei properly has great significance. Choosing flowers from our scenic environment, sacred places, valleys, hillsides, grottos, mountains, cliffs, participants will create a lei that symbolizes all of oneʻs intentions into a sweet smelling lei. Some forms include kui/sewing, wili/entwining and haku/ braiding. $75

• Oli
Hawaiian chant played an important role in Hawaiian culture and society. In ancient times this was the highest and most poetic form of communication. Again, the variety of chant, in honoring, memorializing, lamenting, memorizing genealogy, was vast and paramount for our culture to thrive. It continues to be of utmost importance in following protocol by asking permission, and also a means of communicating ones emotions. Participants would learn a simple chant to connect them to the Hawaiian island. $75

• Hawn language ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
One of the two official languages of the Hawaiian islands, participants would learn the basic alphabets, counting and simple phrases of our unique language, also some proverbs to live by. Students will also be guided in the correct pronunciations of Hawaiian words and street names and the meaning and stories behind them. $75

• Hikes
Come on a hike to one or a few of our sacred places on the island. Learn about the significance of the area and land. $350 (3-4 hours)