“Always start with Aloha”. This is what my mom, Aloha Dalire, taught all of us. And so I start by

saying Aloha!

We are living in a time and age of technology that allows others from all parts of the world and

at any time to view, learn, observe, comment, educate, share, and expose anything. The

Internet is such a powerful tool, and one I don’t take lightly.

For years the Hawaiian people and our culture have been depicted in such an incorrect and

offensive way. They take what is unique and sacred and exploit it to serve selfish purposes no

matter the cost and damage it causes to our people, our land, our culture.

I will be sharing mana’o, answering questions, providing top level sources of Hula and Hawaiian

knowledge, tutorial videos, once a week online live classes, and more all

from the Hawaiian perspective….

As a monthly subscriber you will have access to the tutorial videos as well as the weekly

classes that will be held live on Tuesday’s at 5pm Hawaii standard time, with it replaying on

Saturday’s at 3pm Hawaii standard time.

You will have 2 payment options:

$40/month with a year subscription offers the best value. ($40 x 12 months

= a one time payment of $480 plus tax.


A month to month subscription is $75/month.

As a subscriber to ikumuhula.com you will also receive an opportunity to purchase private skype

sessions. If you are interested in learning a song for your wedding or a special performance, this

is a possibility.

You will also receive a 25% discount on all hula workshops and conferences.

A 15% off discount to the online store. A 20% discount on tours of special places in Hawaii

(more info for this will be released soon)

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