Oct 18

Aloha mai kakou. Mahalo for subscribing to ikumuhula.com. My name is Kaui Dalire,
I’m the second daughter of Aloha Dalire. My mom has the distinct honor of being the very first Miss Hula of the Merrie Monarch Festival, now known as the Olympics of hula. Twenty years after her win, in 1991 my older sister Kapua Dalire-Moe garnered the title of Miss Aloha Hula. The very next year, I too was honored with the title of Miss Aloha Hula for 1992. And then 7 years later, the youngest of us three sisters, Keola Dalire, did the unbelievable and won the coveted title as well, in 1999, making the 90s very special for our entire family. Although we recently lost the matriarch of our family, we continue to perpetuate our family lineage here at home in Hawaii as well as around the world with branches that carry on our traditions.
I’m personally inviting you to take this journey with me because perhaps you are intrigued by this thing called hula that is embraced by many cultures worldwide. Though I love traveling, it is difficult to constantly be on the road and with today’s technology, I am hoping that this will support my live events and also provide those who are curious with learning authentic hula an opportunity to do so. I have seen unpleasant videos claiming to be hula taught by people who have no foundation. So I am taking a chance by doing something that may not be acceptable to many of my peers or even those who have come before me by sharing tutorial videos of hula. But I’ve learned that there will always be people out there that will criticize what you do no matter how good your intentions are. My intent is to share some of my teachings to educate those interested in learning authentic hula. I would also be sharing views and dances of other Kumu who are willing to share their stories and dances.
Hula is life. It is what we breathe, it utilizes all of our senses, it tells a story, it is the truest reflection of our people. These videos will not replace the true experience of hula that you can only get by learning in person. But hopefully, at the very least, people will recognize the authentic dance of Hawaii, taught by a Kumu Hula, who has lived hula. Let it be known that ‘A’ole Pau Ka ‘Ike I Ka Halau Ho’okahi… Not all knowledge comes from one Halau or hula school. Therefore, I share from my hula lineage, my teachings and my family. I share the thoughts of those who share my lineage and also those who come from strong foundations. Mahalo for Subscribing to ikumuhula.com, You’ll be invited to access the videos and tutorials as well as get up to date information on “Kau Kehakeha” a hula seminar in a city near you personally when you subscribe. Please be patient with me as this is a work in progress. Mahalo…And welcome to ikumuhula.com

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